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5 Inspirational Video Marketing Campaigns to Copy in 2022

Video marketing is the new frontier in the digital age. It seems like every day, we see a new company coming out with a video on YouTube or Facebook, and it's hard to keep up. 
This article will explain why video campaigns are so successful and give examples of five companies killing it with video.

Reasons Why You Should Use Video in Your Marketing
There are many reasons why video should be a part of your marketing mix. Here are just a few:
● Video is more engaging than any other form of content: Studies show that people are more likely to remember and engage with video than any other type of content.
● Video helps you stand out: With so much competition for attention online, it's essential to use every tool at your disposal to stand out. Video is a great way to do that.
● Video builds trust: Customers are more likely to trust your company by seeing the person behind the brand.
● Video is versatile: Video can be used in several ways, from social media to website
content to email marketing.
● It's the ideal medium for storytelling: Nothing engages people like a good story, and
video is the perfect medium for telling them.
● Video can be used in all types of marketing: Videos are not just for Facebook or
YouTube. You can use videos on your website, blog posts and email marketing to great effect.
● People are more likely to remember information presented in video form: According to a study by Nielson, people retain 95% of the information they see in a video, compared to just 20% of what they read.

Watching other people succeed is inspirational: There are many reasons for this, but perhaps one of them is that in today's societally-connected world, people are more likely to connect with others through shared experiences.
Now that you understand the power of video marketing, let's look at five companies
doing an amazing job with it and what ideas you can bring to your own video campaign in 2022.

Example 1: IKEA Trash Collection

Ikea’s new marketing video series, unveiled in December 2021, is inspiring and shows how little is needed to repair and reuse IKEA products. The videos feature collecting and fixing up broken IKEA furniture with a few spare parts and then using the restored furniture.
Ikea is known for their bold, simple designs that are easy to assemble and their furniture is affordable and easily identifiable as IKEA’s.
This new video campaign aims to inspire people to repurpose their everyday Ikea products into new creations. The video shows how a small collection of spare parts and a little cleaning can turn an IKEA product into something new and exciting.
The campaign shows how much use an Ikea product gets over its lifetime before it gets thrown away.
IKEA’s video marketing campaign for their Trash Collection is inspirational and a great example of doing video marketing right. The video is short and sweet and shows how easy it is to repair and reuse IKEA products rather than throwing them away.
IKEA’s Trash Collection video appears on this list because:
● It shows how many pieces of furniture that people throw away can still be used again.
● The marketing campaign may help encourage people to reduce waste and save money that could have otherwise been used to purchase new products.
● Many people look forward to a greener world, and one way to do this is through reducing waste disposal, and recycling used products.

The video also has slogans at the end showing how IKEA is trying to contribute to a low-carbon society by striving for zero waste and becoming 100% climate-positive and fully sustainable by 2030. This video is excellent marketing and sets an example for other companies to follow.

Example 2: Decathlon Let's Play UK | 30""t=30s

Decathlon's marketing campaign has a catchy tune, which makes it memorable. It also has a fun feel, which is great for a brand like Decathlon-known for its sports equipment.
This video marketing campaign is also educational in a way. It shows the viewers some of the products Decathlon has to offer and allows them to experience the fun atmosphere of a sports store.
Some reasons why this ad stands out from other video marketing campaigns are as follows:
● It is a good example of how to add a touch of creativity to your marketing and it is also a great example of how to use inspirational marketing. You can see how this video had a significant impact on viewers.
● This is a great marketing campaign in which a unique product is presented in a unique way.
● The choice to turn the sports equipment into living characters is not only visually
engaging, but it allows for a deeper emotional connection to be formed between the
viewer and the product.
● This is a great example of how a marketing campaign can create an emotional connection with the viewer rather than inform them of facts about the product.

Example 3: Opel New Opel. New Yellow. New Brand Identity

The video opens with a shot of an old-design car that transitions instantly to a new modern and sleek car. Viewers are immediately aware that this will not be a traditional car advert.
As we enter the electric age, the way we think of cars is changing. New, innovative technologies are transforming the way we power our vehicles. As a result, the traditional car brands are being forced to adapt, redefining their identity and approach to their customers.
One such brand is Opel Automobile, a German car manufacturer with a rich history that stretches back to the 1880s. The Opel brand has been around for a long time, and in the past, it has been known for producing innovative and exciting cars.
But it will not just stop there; the company will do everything it can to keep up with the changes in technology.
That's not all; the Opel logo has been the brand's identity for years. Changing it to be slimmer and elongated proves that the brand is still relevant today and will continue to be for many yearswith the latest technology.
But why is this video campaign appealing?
● Because it's an excellent way to show Opel loyalists that the brand will always maintain the original idea but will do everything to look modern.
● The world is bound to change, and so should people.
● A new logo: this breaks boredom. People were so used to the original logo that slightly changing it clearly shows the company’s efforts in rebranding.

Example 4: Lidl GB | Big on a Christmas You Can ALWAYS Believe In

Lidl’s Big on Christmas ad campaign is an excellent example of how a company can use technology to build brand awareness and associate itself with the future and positive emotion.
The ad consists of a series of shots showing a Christmas dinner being repeated over the course of several “future” time periods.
“At Lidl, we’re big on quality and always Lidl on price.” is repeated for reassurance that Lidl will always sell quality products at the lowest prices.
This outstanding marketing campaign aims to provide comfort and reassurance to customers. It’s an inspirational ad that shows how you can use marketing to convey a compelling and relevant message.
This is a great example of how you can use marketing to create something relevant and exciting, which is great for customers. It’s also a good example of how a company can use marketing to provide comfort and reassurance to customers, which is great for brand loyalty.
Lidl’s Big video marketing campaign is successful because:
● The video emphasizes quality
● The advertisers are happy and excited
● Lidl's Big ad assures fans of always staying ahead of the competition by using cuttingedge technology. It's like they use the latest tech to make their products.
Most people want quality products at cheaper prices, which Lidl offers. It could help build trust with customers and set you apart from the competition.

Example 5: Pretty Little Thing- Behind the Scenes

Top UK-based fashion retailer Pretty Little Thing took things a step further by looking behind the scenes at what goes on in their offices and warehouses.
This was an excellent move because it showed that Pretty Little Thing is transparent with its operations, which builds trust with customers concerned about where its products are manufactured or if they're being made ethically.
The influencer marketing and behind-the-scenes elements of Pretty Little Thing create engaging content for their audience.
Their partnership with Molly Mae helps them sell clothing products as usable relatable, which perfectly fits the brand's identity! The celebrity interacts with workers and customers and shows her love for fashion.
This is an excellent way to connect with their target market by using the celebrity and
influencer's style and following!

What Makes Pretty Little Thing’s Video Campaign So Successful?
Pretty Little Thing's video marketing campaign is successful because:
● They use influencers and a behind-the-scenes look to create engaging content: This helps them build trust with their customers.
● Their videos are high quality and attractively showcase the products: Pretty Little Thing can position themselves as a high-end brand by showing off their products.
● They respond to customer queries in videos: If a customer has a question about how something is made, Pretty Little Thing will address it in one of their videos.

Pretty Little Thing understands the importance of transparency and using high-quality video content in its marketing strategy. This helps them create trust with their customers and sets them apart from other fashion retailers.
What can you learn from Pretty Little Thing's video marketing campaign? Try using influencers and a behind-the-scenes look to create engaging content for your target market!
It could help build trust with customers and set you apart from the competition.

In conclusion, these five video marketing campaigns provide a wealth of inspiration for brands looking to create impactful video content in 2022. While each campaign uses different tactics and strategies, they all share one common trait – they're all incredibly effective at engaging their target audiences.
So, if you’re looking for some fresh ideas to help take your video marketing strategy to the next level, be sure to take a look at these campaigns!

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