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Elevate Your Content Marketing Game with the 4P Framework

Content marketing is a critical part of any business strategy today. To be successful as a marketer, you must consistently produce high quality, engaging digital and print content.

However, creating quality content can be a challenge, mainly when you're producing large volumes of it.

What if you had a specific framework combined with the right software solution to automate your content marketing operations and connect all your stakeholders to enable true collaboration?

In this blog article we're going to take you through our very own Content Marketing 4P framework, and for each of its four stages, give you examples of the best practices you can implement to automate your content marketing operations.


What is Content Marketing 4P


Content marketing 4P is a framework to automate your content marketing operations by breaking them into four stages. By doing so, you will efficiently plan, produce, promote and (re)purpose both digital and print content.




When implemented together with DALIM ES, the benefits are:

  • - Collaboration with all stakeholders, enabling your projects to progress faster.
  • - Automated content workflows for digital and print with scalability that meet your needs.
  • - Sustainable processes to ensure your content’s efficiency across all channels.


Finally, marketers like yourself will be able to focus on vivid campaigns that drive revenue and growth. So, let’s dive into it and elevate your content marketing game with DALIM ES, and the 4P Framework and unify the customer experience across all channels and departments!


The Four Stages of Content Marketing 4P

Plan Projects Worth remembering


Achieving any goals of content marketing begins by planning in defining your project. Effective project planning will prepare the essential foundation for all other framework stages. DALIM ES lets you plan with ease:


Project Brief

Define all stakeholders, deadlines, tasks, and KPI’s of your project.
The project brief is your guide for your content’s entire creation process and holds your most relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). With DALIM ES, this goes even further. The system will automatically create a project related workflow and notify all stakeholders of the next steps. Your KPI’s will show up on a dashboard to keep objectives at the forefront of decision making.

Creative Brief

Show your goals, target audience, main message, channels, and formats with your team.
A good creative brief allows a clear understanding of your content’s goals and outlines crucial information to accomplish them. DALIM ES and its automated workflows will use this information to ensure your content has a suitable technical format once it’s delivered.

Brand Assets

Add your brand guidelines, logos, and assets to align with your brand identity.
Your brand assets and identity define how people interact with your brand and make it memorable. When storing your brand assets in the DALIM ES DAM, you make it easy for your team to comply with your brand identity.


Produce High-quality Digital & Print Content



No one can dispute that content is king. To be successful in marketing, you need to produce high-quality content that engages and informs your audience. Automate your content marketing with DALIM ES:


Task Management

Everyone involved knows what to do from start to finish.
When it comes to teamwork and collaboration, task management is key to streamlining your operations and increasing productivity. In DALIM ES, all tasks and responsibilities are appropriately assigned in the DAM, and everyone is aware of what they have to do.


Review and Approval cycles

A collaborative approach for faster turnaround times. The biggest reason for missed deadlines is approval delays and email chaos, especially with multiple content revisions. DALIM ES provides your team with all the online proofing tools you need to annotate, compare and manage an unlimited number of revisions, and finally approve your content.


Automated File Processing

Automatically adapt your content for your multichannel purposes. The average marketer creates content for over seven different channels, which all have different technical requirements like formatting. DALIM ES automated workflows take away repetitive tasks and free up time to focus on value-added tasks.


Promote and Share Your Content to Build Relationships



Some people might argue that content is the most crucial aspect of marketing, and others might say it’s distribution. In our opinion, it’s both. You need to ensure that your high-quality content gets in front of the right people. With DALIM ES, you can promote your content seamlessly:

Multichannel Delivery

Your customers are in multiple places at once, your content as well Promoting your content across various channels increases the chances of customer’s seeing it. DALIM ES allows you to deliver your content for digital and print channels automatically.

Share with Stakeholders

As a marketer, you need to create buy-in among all stakeholders Stakeholders buy-in is the process of involving all the right people in the decision-making process. It improves your content marketing operations success. DALIM ES lets you share in a few clicks any of your content to accelerate the collaboration process.

ePubs & Flipbooks

Transform your print content into interactive online publications ePubs and flipbooks transform the otherwise very static and “boring” PDF into an interactive publication full of smart features—something your customers will love. In DALIM ES, those formats are automatically generated and ready to be published.


(re)Purpose Your Content for New Projects


No one has time to create fresh content every day. Luckily, there are ways to repurpose your content and breathe new life into it. DALIM ES makes the process as easy as possible:


From custom metadata to artificial intelligence-driven metadata, you have it all If you do not record metadata simultaneously as the content, you will end up with a content DAM that is difficult to manage, locate, and retrieve. In DALIM ES, assets are automatically enriched with metadata, and you can also customize metadata to your needs.

Search Features

Find every asset easily and use advanced features like colour and similarity search Everyone who has created content knows the problem: High-quality assets can no longer be found or, if they are found, they are needed in a different format or resolution. DALIM ES lets you search your assets in multiple ways with similarity, colour and even artificial intelligence-powered search.


Create public and private collections of assets for internal and external use. A collection of assets is linked and showcased together, focusing on coherence. In DALIM ES, you can quickly gather any content in collections and share them with internal and external stakeholders.



When combined with a software like DALIM ES, the content marketing 4P Framework is the solution to have the ability to produce content, keep up with the demand for that content in a world with so many different communication channels, to avoid mistakes and to remain consistent when delivering that content.

For more information about DALIM ES and what you can do with it please visit our product page or book a demo now to see for yourself!

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