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From image capture to multichannel content distribution

Brand storytelling isn’t something new, but with the explosive growth of social media and content marketing automation, the opportunities to tell customer's stories as part of direct and indirect brand marketing initiatives are now strategic priorities. Especially for vendors like DALIM SOFTWARE, it is always the best way to demonstrate that we can use our solutions and leverage our technology to manage a marketing campaign.

Damien Dally, Country Manager Jeep U.K., says, “Storytelling in the automotive industry has been key in marketing campaigns for some time, especially since the advent of interactive/social media. This can be something metaphoric, yet simple, like a journey, to something more in-depth, with roles and a plot for the more adventurous. Portraying your brand as the protagonist, in either case, is essential.”

Launching an effective digital marketing campaign

This campaign aims to show that from the image and metadata capture, we can handle a collaborative brand campaign from print production to cross-media multi-channel publishing.

The first step is to understand the brand’s BPM (Business Process Mapping). It is a clear representation of how people work together: users, groups, and roles-based and which channel they have to monetize in their life cycle content.

The key to being able to manage a successful marketing campaign is contained in the core capabilities of DALIM ES to provide flexible, capture workflows:
  • Capture Information from multiple sources
  • Extract, enhance and transform captured information
  • Process information using flexible workflow capabilities
  • Deliver output to multiple channels
  • Leverage comprehensive reporting capabilities
In this example, we’ll see how we can map such a process within ES with four primary media channels:
  • Collect assets (images from the shoot, illustration, logo)
  • Print production (PDF of a magazine, brochure)
  • Pack production (label of the DALIM bottle, 3D)
  • Web to feed the content of the website
  • Video for social media
In ES users can apply specific workflows depending on the kind of the asset. This feature allows users to split any BPM into a single approval cycle per kind of assets. When completed, each document workflow will send an event to a project workflow to notify end-users that this channel has been completed. We can consolidate all the BPMs in two different smart views:
  • To-do list to get a quick look at the document to approve.
  • Project Dashboard to control all the different stages driven by meta-data filtering

The project starts by uploading the brief in the brief folder. This spreadsheet and Word document can also be easily shared and viewed in ES Online-Approval viewer.

DALIM ES Online-Approval Viewer is a FograCert, and SWOP® certified collaborative annotation solution. We have developed a highly accurate rendering system that enables the document’s closest reproduction in a color-accurate environment. A simple web browser is all you need to use our online approval solution. So your teams and customers can collaborate from anywhere in the world.

The first document step of the workflow is to collect images from the Digital Asset Management (DAM) repository. Each asset has its own set of metadata (custom or XMP). To make a selection, we can search with keywords or taxonomy and then save the private collection.

The agency also has to upload new assets. Each folder of the DAM is a placeholder with a collection of custom metadata attached. When the files are ready and uploaded, they inherit the metadata from the folder.

The smart view provides an easy way, based on a film strip, to complete the selection.
Then the assets can be added to the private collection and all the content into the project’s images folder. The image workflow approval cycle can start.
We want to use the same assets for the content management system and the web channel—but in different formats and resolutions. Thanks to the user action and pixel conversion features, we can prepare our selections as TIFF files at 300 dpi for print—and PNG files at 72 dpi for the web.

The agency can now upload the draft of the packaging for the DALIM SOFTWARE bottle. Using ES Online-Approval, the project team can add corrections—like adding the DALIM SOFTWARE logo and the barcode.

The second revision is now available for approval after preflighting and normalization. The 3D files have also been uploaded to the correct channel.

After these steps, the project has been completed between the agency and DALIM SOFTWARE, and the campaign can now be published on the different channels: social, website and print.

All the materials are archived in the DAM, available for the next project. DALIM ES is the solution that accelerates the pace of your business. Through advanced multi-channel capture, workflow, and business-critical information management, customers cut processing time, eliminate errors, and increase productivity across the board.

DALIM ES is a collaborative solution for the entire content production process of your company. ES offers your teams optional, seamless robust digital asset management capabilities and a unique certified online approval solution coupled with scalable, automated workflows. At the same time, you can track and monitor your company’s most important metrics within the ES Project Management module. The unique characteristic of ES is to have everything in a single solution. At the same time, ES fits into any existing structure due to the endless integration possibilities.

Organizations worldwide utilize DALIM ES technology to transform incoming information into acactionable and accessible electronic data that powers their business processes.
As a result, customers can significantly improve operational efficiency.

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