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How to maximize your online proofing potential with DIALOGUE Engine

For companies and agencies that work with digital assets, having a fast and powerful online proofing solution is a must. In our digital-first marketplace, the ability to engage with a variety of creative content formats, including websites, high-resolution media files, and video experiences, is key.

Producing complex visual content can be challenging when you have to make multiple rounds of changes across the board. It becomes even more challenging when you need to get approvals from stakeholders who are remote or busy in different time zones.

DIALOGUE Engine offers industry-leading review capabilities to supercharge your document revision and approval processes to increase collaboration and creativity while maintaining asset integrity. With a full suite of innovative tools, designers can work on files with real-time collaboration - increasing productivity and speeding up the time to market.

Is DIALOGUE Engine the online proofing software solution you've been looking for? In this article, we will take a closer look at what DIALOGUE Engine is, the features that it provides to users, and the many benefits that this solution offers.

What is DIALOGUE Engine?

DIALOGUE Engine is an online proofing software that allows you to review and approve assets while communicating corrections from anywhere in the world through a web browser. DIALOGUE Engine allows participants to collaborate in real-time, enhancing the validation cycle through high-resolution rendering.

Many modern online proofing software solutions require user expertise and costly upfront costs to implement. DIALOGUE Engine is an affordable and effective proofing solution that offers marketing teams an efficient way to streamline creative approvals.

DIALOGUE Engine presents assets in a high-resolution viewer that is certified by the Fogra Insitute. These highly accurate color renders present assets in the right color across every file type - down to the pixel.

Why is DIALOGUE Engine Important? 

Having the ability to review and approve assets with your colleagues assures that you will deliver the most accurate and professional results possible.

Having a high-powered software solution like DIALOGUE Engine also ensures that everybody is on the same page before moving forward to development, giving them more time to work on other important tasks instead of copy-editing files.

The features and benefits of DIALOGUE Engine go beyond the software itself. For companies and organizations looking to enhance their communication and collaboration process, DIALOGUE Engine raises the bar.

Marketing professional Jennifer Stölzle (Müller GmbH & Co. KG) utilizes the DIALOGUE Engine software extensively, touting its easy learning curve and powerful features:

“The online proofing tool DIALOGUE Engine is easy to use. The system collects all correction information and displays it clearly. Multiple people can enter their changes in parallel, and nothing gets lost or has to be collected manually.”

How DIALOGUE Engine Can Maximize Your Organization's Potential

Can online proofing software really boost a company's productivity, engagement, and profits? Bringing the power of collaborative engagement to bear with outstanding software capabilities, DIALOGUE Engine offers users the professional features they need to succeed:


Users can collaborate easily with internal and external parties to improve teamwork and engagement. With no downloads or installations, users can provide comments from any device.

Supercharged Approvals

By communicating in DIALOGUE Engine directly, users can view the latest corrections in context, saving time and improving accuracy.

Hyper-Accurate Colorized Environments

Using FograCertified color profiles for rendering in all media formats, DIALOGUE Engine allows you to see your work with true-to-life accuracy.

Streamlined Workflow

DIALOGUE Engine provides the tools necessary to streamline collaboration processes and reduce time spent on communication. With versioning capabilities that provide different types of files, users can choose the right workflow for their specific projects.

Innovative Markup and Feedback Tools

DIALOGUE Engine provides innovative tools to help users communicate and collaborate even better, such as the annotation tools that allows you to comment directly on images or target specific items.

Increased Team Transparency

As a platform that can be accessed from anywhere, DIALOGUE Engine increases transparency and provides better options to distribute tasks. This reduces revision numbers and increases overall team efficiency and effectiveness.

By improving the workflow process and streamlining communication, DIALOGUE Engine can help your business create better designs for all of your projects - saving you time and increasing your profit margins.

The Top 12 Features of DIALOGUE Engine

When it comes to high-powered collaborative online proofing software, DIALOGUE Engine has everything you’ll ever need for an enhanced workflow. Check out the innovative tools and features that DIALOGUE Engine brings to the design table:

  1. Annotate Tool: With Annotate, you can insert notes with ease to indicate needed corrections. The annotation gives extra information by including a comment or explanation associated with a particular point on the document.
  2. Drawing Tool: The drawing feature allows users to easily freehand callouts or markups. This is better than drawing on the screen because you have more control over the marks that are made and can choose to erase mistakes instantly.
  3. Text Tool: Users can format text boxes, shapes, and lines by simply entering text into them. This capability helps you enhance communication and collaboration with clear, concise messages.
  4. Measure Tool: The Measure feature allows you to measure distances, angles, perimeters, and areas on any document - perfect for projects in architecture, engineering, or graphic design.
  5. Barcode Tool: This feature allows you to check a barcode and display its type and value, as well as create a note if needed. If a document contains several barcodes, you may read all codes at once by simply drawing a rectangle around all the barcodes. You can also read rotated barcodes.
  6. Gamut Tool: This feature displays a warning when any colors of the document displayed on-screen are out of gamut, based on the viewing conditions. You can choose to check the gamut based either on the Monitor profile or on the Simulation profile.
  7. Area Coverage Tool: Area Coverage allows you to visually check the areas in which ink coverage problems may arise. When you control the area coverage, you can make sure you get the best possible results from your graphics and photos.
  8. Layers Tool: This feature allows you to see the different layers of your document individually, giving you the ability to display and hide layers as needed.
  9. Channel Tool: With Channel, you can view all channels of a document simultaneously or turn them on and off individually as needed. You can also reverse the view order of the different channels, which is great for design-oriented documents.
  10. Densitometer Tool: Display the exact color of any desired location on the document with a click. The color values are expressed in the channel space of the original file and are measured in the original file, and then displayed in your browser.
  11. Revision Tool: When working on a document over time, revisions can quickly pile up. With the Revision feature, you can see every instance of an uploaded document revision. You can then decide to view a specific revision or visually compare multiple documents at once to gain a greater perspective.
  12. View Options Tool: This feature allows you to view your document in different ways quickly. With a click, you can move from a single page to a double-cropped page and beyond with no central margins.

These features and more give you the power to accelerate and optimize your workflow in just about every industry. With a full library of features and tools at your disposal, your documents will become your greatest asset.

Which Document Formats Does DIALOGUE Engine Support?

A proofing software solution is only as powerful as the documents it can open. Luckily, DIALOGUE Engine can handle virtually any supported document format. The full list of files that you can open includes:


  • JPEG (.jpg, .jpe, .jpeg)
  • PNG (.png)
  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai, .ait)
  • Adobe Photoshop (.psd, .pdd)
  • TIFF (.tif, .tiff)


  • Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)
  • PDF (.pdf)
  • PostScript (.eps, epfs, .ps)
  • Illustrator EPS (.eps, epfs, .ps)
  • HTML (.html)

DIALOGUE Engine is designed to be compatible with any of the most common image, document, and vector file formats.

Supercharge Your Document Proofing with DIALOGUE Engine

Proofreading a document can be tedious and time-consuming. As you add collaborators to the mix, proofing time increases exponentially. You can eliminate proofing bottlenecks and ensure a more efficient workflow with DIALOGUE Engine's online proofreading software solution.

Whether you need to develop a final draft with an in-house or remote team or simply want the power to interact with your documents in real-time, DIALOGUE Engine has the power to handle any task. To learn more about the features and benefits of this powerful proofing software, book a demo today.

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