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Sustainable by the source

Inspired by ISO 26000 and multiple international initiatives shared by the organizations we are a member of—in particular, the Consumer Goods Forum—our organization pursues numerous dedicated initiatives. These aim to reduce carbon emissions toward a 'carbon negative' sustainability report that we ambitiously intend to produce long before it becomes a regulated requirement.

To achieve our goals, we established four pillars encompassing the development of twelve company commitments.

These four pillars each have their ecosystem, but the four pillars cannot separate them from each other. They all have the same significance towards our 'carbon negative' goal.


1. Our environmental responsibility:
Acting against climate change

Reducing the environmental footprint of our operations:

In 2014, our organization made its first significant move, ensuring that 100% renewable energy sources supply our HQ operations. Hydroelectricity is the only electrical power supply source we tap into to develop, produce, and store the software we produce and market from our centrally located offices in Europe.

Accompanying our clients in transitioning to a low-carbon economy:

Our second initiative, supported by the German federal government ZIM Innovation Program, commenced in 2015 when our firm was the first software company in the world to make available what is, to this day, the best PDF compression algorithm app, PDFLight. It is available on both Mac and PC platforms for free for anyone in the world owning a computer. Tens of thousands of copies of PDFLight have been downloaded worldwide since 2015. PDFLight dramatically reduces the size of more than 90% of the PDF files it handles. In doing so, because these files are typically circulated and shared with many people afterward, PDFLight reduces bandwidth consumption while optimizing content for mobile displays.

Systematically investing in short-and medium-term innovative sustainable projects:

Begun in 2014, DALIM SOFTWARE has converted our vehicle fleet to electric, hybrid vehicles, and from four to two wheels where possible. All-electric vehicles are supplied with renewable energy from our building. In addition, we retrofitted twenty-year-old two-wheel vehicles (BMW C1 scooters), converting them into modern electric scooters. The objective was to minimize medium-range transit on four wheels with a durable solution to ensure further green mobility for decades to come.

Our ambition in 2021 goes beyond carbon neutrality, as it encompasses active participation in pragmatic reforestation programs on both sides of the Atlantic ocean.


2. Our social responsibility:
Encouraging the development and
the commitment of our employees

Thriving to maintain our status as ‘best place to work’ for our employees:

Beyond implementing recreational, sports-oriented, and relaxation rooms, our social spaces are regularly supplied with fresh fruit and bio drinks. This is part of a continuous effort to promote healthy eating, altering employee diets from the typical, less healthy office diets.

Promoting diversity and gender equality:

DALIM SOFTWARE rejects any form of discrimination or harassment against other employees, customers or suppliers, and encourages teams built from different cultures, genders, and experiences. This results in an enthusiastic multinational team, spanning multiple generations, healthily mixing skills, energy, and expertise.

Encouraging the development of our employees:

One of the initiatives we have taken towards employee development is creating a "management track". Through the management track, we empower employees to propose and take responsibility for company projects.


3. Our civic responsibility:
Being a committed player in our local ecosystem

Supporting local, social, sports, and cohesively focused organizations:

This is part of our company's philosophy to help play a vital role in the building of tomorrow's Europe. For example, in 2020, a few hundred members of local sports clubs representing more than forty different nationalities benefited from our modest yet consistent support (e.g., KVF, SC Sand).

Accompanying local students in their transition from school to professional work:

Every year we are welcoming challenging internships and end-of-study projects to open doors for international students. At the same time, we also offer dual study places that combine practical work and theoretical lectures at a university.


Support of our local economy and retail community:

DALIM SOFTWARE was involved in a 'first responder engagement' in March and April 2020. The company indirectly offered thousands of Strasbourg retail and medical personnel access to its 3D printers, donating 3D printed masks created during the early days of the pandemic. Early in 2020, local authorities recognized our company as a 'Crucial Contributor to the Federal Economy". By assuring 24/7 operation—particularly for international end-user support—our company contributes to the economic vitality of Baden-Württemberg, one of the leading economic regions in Europe. The company regularly participates in the business community at both the regional and local levels. As a token of our support to local food establishments and retailers during a lockdown, DALIM has actively promoted the use of local business vouchers to employees and business partners.


4. Our economic responsibility:
Helping our customers to thrive, even during difficult times

Accompanying our clients in their digital transformation:

This has been a focus since 2000. DALIM SOFTWARE's goal has always been to allow clients to work from anywhere: e.g., providing a powerful and efficient means to replace physical content with a paperless computerized system with the assistance of online collaboration tools, including those for complex documents and tasks. In 2004, the company introduced what has become the industry reference for a color-accurate and scalable viewing and annotation solution. Since then, users have operated a viewer and many different peripheral features for internal business purposes and customers. Consequently, 2021 is the first year where most of the retail food industry in Germany relies on our applications to maintain 24/7 operations and collaboration of white labeling.

Responsibly managing our customers’ satisfaction:

By committing to work extensively and pro-actively on any customer issue until we find an amenable solution every time, we praise the highest customer satisfaction possible. We always thrive on understanding better their issues, industry concerns, business strategies, and working practices so that we can continue to develop best-in-class solutions that fit today's business models. This culture has made us gain worldwide recognition in the marketing and communication industry.

Aiming at the highest ethical standards:

Trust, security, and balanced, unadulterated give and take are the ethical standards we aim for in our internal and external relationships. At the same time, we are aware that the software we produce contains critical business information. Therefore, we must have the highest standards for data confidentiality and zero tolerance towards corruption and fraud.

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