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Tailor any Workflow with DALIM ES!

Companies are complex systems that are in constant exchange with their environment. This often results in workflows where processes require user action and those taken over entirely independently by the automatic workflow solution.

DALIM ES, automated workflow that meets your needs!

Before investing in a workflow engine, you need to carefully analyze your intended creative and delivery processes to determine which capabilities you need in a workflow system. You may want to take the traditional route of mapping out your "as is" process and then an ideal "to-be" process, with potential automation points in mind as you do the latter. Modern, software-assisted workflows involve a mix of machine and user tasks, and workflow management orchestrates the different steps as the asset moves through various stages from ideation to archive.

To reap the benefits of workflow services, you need to focus on the automation of repetitive tasks. You will eliminate manual processing errors, and creatives are available for other jobs. It's essential to define these rules before implementing the tools. While there are best practices, needs vary, and your definition of an ideal workflow will be unique to your enterprise. Vigilant workflow analysis forms a significant part of the implementation process.

Let's automate work and let it flow

In DALIM ES, our robust Digital Asset Management system ingests high-volumes of files fast, while automated workflows sequences ensure the completion of different processes. Our file processing (machine) tools of the workflow are designed to automate repetitive tasks. In contrast, review and approval (user) tasks ensure no one misses a step.

Our project templates carry various pre-set workflows to start any project with the proper setup quickly. With a suite of a wide variety of powerful tools for file processing, you will be able to transform incoming files in various ways. Those tools doing transformations are so simple as a rotation or splitting an incoming multi-page document into single pages. It is also so complex as automatic pre-flighting and applying color correction within a specified tolerance to incoming images.

From our roots in the print business, we have focused on providing a scalable solution to any need. The result is an unbeatable page-per-second output of any files, with minimal to zero file rejection. Your company is guaranteed the correct multichannel distribution of content to all stakeholders at the right time.

Innovative Business Process Management

If your requirements are more demanding, we provide an innovative business process management solution that's fully scalable and customizable for the flexibility of today's challenging environments. Therefore, tailor any workflow without costly delays and make flexible work processes without incurring development costs. Here are a few examples from various industries and their use of automated workflows:

  • Brands automatically generate various linear barcodes and 2D barcodes, such as QR codes for their products.
  • Creatives, such as photographers, capture images and send them directly to the workflow for review and approval by the advertising team.
  • Publishers let the workflow automatically analyze the differences between incoming PDFs for ultimate consistency.
  • Packaging workflows include, for example, the automatic slug creation and update of color separation information and descriptions such as date, version number, project name, and many more.
  • For printers, the automated workflow automatically detects and sets missing trim box information by checking existing trim marks in pixel or vector documents.

Workflows that are limited by your imagination

Automated workflows can solve a variety of problems, pretty much limited by your imagination. DALIM ES provides a solution that gives you this kind of flexibility. You will be able to implement review and approval processes together with file processing processes inside of a single workflow. When paired with our other DALIM ES components, such as our Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Online-Proofing systems, your collaborative content production capabilities become endless. Simultaneously, wherever you are in the world, you can keep track of what's essential. Intelligent dashboards, including your most relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPI), help you manage your teams. DALIM ES is an excellent and proven solution because it gets work sustainably and consistently done to keep your business flowing.

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