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The power of DALIM ES Online Approvals Collaborate from anywhere in the world!

Ultimately, online approval is a digital solution to confirm a company's content between their teams, suppliers, and customers.

Review materials are share and approved digitally and delivered at network speed, and returned anywhere globally. This can be any content, including text, images, videos, and other media. And if specific standards are met, reviewers can approve the color directly from their desktop.

As a collaborative project management process, content is compared, annotated, and ultimately shared among all stakeholders to develop the best content.

Delivering accurate approvals, along with a seamless
review process

The biggest reason that deadlines are missed is due to approval delays. The best thing you can do is map out all the required people in the re view process. At what phase(s) are they involved? Is it just for content or the final piece? Who is explicitly needed for reviews, and who is needed for approvals? Once you have mapped them out, it makes implementing an automatic online approval system so much easier.

With an automatic online approval system, you can quickly eliminate extra steps and email confusion. The result is an accelerated, collaborative process, even for complex, visually-rich campaigns. Any system that can reduce these delays is extremely valuable in meeting deadlines and maintaining time-to-market—preserving product roll-outs.

ES online approval helps you quickly eliminate extra steps and email turmoil. The result is a fast, collaborative process, even for complex, visually rich campaigns. ES will help you build a consistent review process, but more importantly, a consistent brand.  

ES scales to any amount of data and recognizes any file so that you can speed up your content production review. From large images for print to high volume photoshoots or videos to complex 3D for augmented reality.

One of the critical requirements is accurate color. Certified by the Fogra Institute, ES contains a highly precise rendering engine that delivers the closest color-accurate reproduction of a document—all through a simple web browser.

Ready for the close-up

With the high-resolution DALIM ES online approval viewer, you can zoom in as close as you want in a flash. The viewer gets down to the pixel level to make sure the content is right the first time. With html5-based code, you can manage virtually any content easily and quickly.

A side-by-side comparison

A variety of comparison tools make it easy to review any project for accuracy and correctness. Our high-performance engine can handle very complex files, containing up to 100 channels, making special colors available to see and making sure you get a perfect result. Finally, you, your suppliers, and your clients can see any file format on DALIM ES

With Virtual Compare, even the slightest modifications between multiple revisions of a document are easy to detect. Even the most minor errors. Side-by-side views of as many as different versions let you compare previous versions or regional variations quickly and accurately.

With the Automatic Difference Overlay, you can zoom into even the pixel level to detect even the smallest change.

An exceptional, color-accurate online approval system
for everyone

DALIM ES online approval was developed for the most discerning uses—even high fashion. The ES online approval color rendering engine delivers the right color, every time, in any media format. The accurate color makes it more likely that you'll cut costs for retouching and ensures that color is consistent across all media.

Review, approve and produce

With DALIM ES online approval, you can create highly efficient workflows that accelerate approval cycles. Stakeholders can review, check color, and approve projects with ease—no matter if it’s images, videos, layouts, web pages, product revisions, packaging, or catalogs.

And, if you pair online approval with a digital asset management system (ES or one of your own), all of your digital assets can be selected and reviewed from one central system. From a workstation or via a mobile device, reviewers can annotate, add comments, and request changes to any document, for all stakeholders to see—internally or externally, from anywhere in the world is from an office or home office.

The system will not let the project move forward until everyone has responded and those with authority have approved. When approved, the project is automatically moved to the next production step, without waiting, driven by ES automated workflow. Every action is also collected, so that accurate, easy-to-prepare data can be collected, assuring traceability for compliance with regulatory agencies.

It means that with ES online approval, you're assured of full reviews, a faster workflow, on-time deliveries—and happy customers.   

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